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Increase the Value
of your Products
with Luxury box

La ISMA srl, established in 1998, is a young Company that manufactures Luxury Boxes.


Value to Products

Our luxury boxes will enhance the value of your products.


Customer Satisfiction

Your products will stand out thanks to our unique designs.


Italian Quality

It’s our Italian nature which inspires the quality and our attention to detail

Luxury boxes
for Wedding Favors

We create Customized Luxury Boxes
to enhance your Wedding Favors.

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Luxury boxes
for Jewellery

Our Luxury Boxes are perfect for holding rings,
necklaces, watches, and precious items of all kinds.

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Luxury boxes
for Baked goods

Today, the bakery is not just a simple store anymore.
A Luxury Box is required to create a Luxury Treat.

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Luxury boxes
for Cosmetics

Cosmetics are among the fastest-growing sectors, and packaging is becoming increasingly important.

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Luxury boxes
for Wines and Oils

Our Luxury Box is perfect for representing the winery, the product, and the bottle within.

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Luxury boxes
for Catalog Holders

Special coated cardboard boxes for items such as binders, color folders or sample cases.

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Luxury boxes
for Clothing

In Fashion, the strength of the Image and the packaging
is nearly as important as the Product itself.

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Luxury boxes
for Technology

Use our Customized Boxes
for your Electronic Products.

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Here are some Companies
that have chosen us.

Our customized Luxury Boxes have been chosen by some of the most important and influential companies.

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