Storage problems?
No room to store boxes in your shop?
Compra scatole ABBATTIBILI!

Flat-pack boxes are the answer! Saving up to 800% of space.

flat-pack custom

Up to 800% space saved

A flat pack box can save you up to 800% space for storage than a pre assembled one!

Money saver

Less storage space requirements means you can manage in a smaller shop - meaning less overheads - but also they are less costly for delivery charges!

Made in Italy

Our products are patented throughout Italy - and we are proud to say, 100% made in Italy! So you are supporting the MADE IN ITALY initiative when you buy from us!

5 seconds and your box is ready!

See how quick it is to assemble your box - over 800 models to choose from


We require a patent on our boxes in 2010. The ORIGINAL flat packed boxes are only from ISMA!

flat packed boxed

ISMA producing elegant flatpacked gift boxes since 1998

ISMA producing elegant flatpacked gift boxes since 1998
Buy directly from us without paying for a middle man. Our products are made from top quality materials to ensure they are hardwearing and long lasting. Just ask for a quote for your own personalised boxes - and we guarantee that we can get them to you in ten days!


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